Creating Capabilities , Delivering Solutions

Vvennus Academy bestows triumph escorting a holistic, pragmatic and professional
approach to invigorate customers scale contemporary
crests of opulence by virtue of Negotiate, Transact &
Earn – Self and the world at large, with veracity,
faith and ethics.

Corporate Training

365 days a year

Mission – Empower , Engage & Enrich

International Seminars

August 1 — December 1

History-  Venus Academy started  the Corporate Training vertical in

April 2006 

“There are old roads to new directions .”

Venus Academy is a well known corporate training house in India – Venus Academy as the name suggests arouses a desire in the trainees to dream & target

‘Venus’ as their final destination . In other words we prepare leaders for tomorrow .The ethos we follow while delivering your training needs is :

1) Understand your training needs

2) Analyze with real life situations in sight

3) Practicals oriented delivery

4) Offer solutions taking into cognizance Behavioural, Managerial,

     Cultural &   Business conditions

Our delivery module carries a practical approach. This means that an example precedes the theoretical aspect of a concept. Case studies from real life situations wherein the trainees can relate it to themselves form an integral part of our training process.

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